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Ciclo de Seminários de Sistemas Dinâmicos

Palestrante: Professor Weldon A. Lodwick, University of Colorado at Denver

Título: Interval-Valued  Probability Measures: A Formal Method for Consolidating the Languages of Information: Deficinecy - Foundations

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This presentation proposes a new formal definition of an interval valued

probability measure (IVPM) [8], based on a measure theoretic foundation,
and shows that various theories of generalized uncertainty that occur in
the data associated in mathematical analyses, in particular optimization
models, can be formulated in this one common framework. Many
problems of applied mathematics are inherently uncertain and one of the
most common forms of uncertainty is lack of or partial information. Our
method of analyzing uncertainty from the basis of measure theory, allows
problems with many different types of uncertainty to be solved within one
theory of uncertainty and we are able to construct bounds from
uncertainty information. Uncertainty as developed herein is distinct from
fuzzy set theory. This presentation centers on the creation of a theory
associated with what we call generalized uncertainty that is tied to the
generation of upper and lower bounding functions.

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